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Health Insurance

Medical Insurance (Cashless Mediclaim)

Health Insurance provides coverage for any medical emergency upto the selected sum assured.

It offers financial security to meet health related contingencies.

Due to changing lifestyles and Pollution, health issues have not just escalated, they have increasingly become more complex in nature.

It becomes imperative therefore to have a health insurance plan in place, thus your financial planning is incomplete if you have not accounted for health.

The insured may avail cashless hospitalization facility in network hospitals through this insurance.

To understand more about required coverage, riders, best health insurance plan and company you may contact our experts.

Health insurance has many add-on plans available which can be opted.

Like Hospital cash plan, accidental plan, Critical illness plan, Cancer cover etc.

Every plan has its own relevance.

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General Insurance

Leaving with family for a weekend getaway?

Insurance which is non-life is covered under general insurance including Health Insurance, Vehicle (Auto) insurance, home, jewellery, valuables, Liability insurance, corporate insurances, marine insurance etc.

If insured end up facing some unexpected losses for which insured is completely unaware and there comes the role of insurance.

For all types of General insurance need, you may get in touch with our insurance expert.

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Life Insurance

Protect your family while saving tax.

Life insurance is a financial instrument which helps in risk management and passes your financial risk to the insurance companies by paying a minimal amount of premium every time.

Example of Pure risk cover plan is TERM LIFE INSURANCE

Similarly, there are many other forms where you can do saving along with getting the risk coverage through insurance. However based on each and every individual’s need, it should be decided that which option is beneficial for the individual. Type of plans are endowment plan, money back plan, pension plan, regular annuity or regular income plan, single premium plans etc.

It is really important to understand the relevance before choosing the product and Ms. Prerna Arora, personally will help you to choose most suitable option for you during your financial planning.

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Mutual Funds Investment

At Sanjivani, there are different types of funds for customized type of investor..

Mutual Fund investment is a tool which can help in beating inflation and creating wealth in long term.

In mutual fund, there are different types of funds for customized type of investor.

So if you are conservative investor then there are different funds and if you are an aggressive investor who can take risk but looking for higher growth as well then funds will vary.

We provide services for mutual fund investment and portfolio management for ALL types of investor including the ones who are looking for Mutual fund investment for tax saving in instruments like ELSS and NPS.

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Equity Advisory & other investment options

WWe also provide advisory services on your shares/ equity portfolio based on fundamental and technical analysis of those companies.

In addition to all these we deal other type of investment options as well as complete financial planning consultancy too.

Few other instruments to name are corporate bonds, Corporate F.Ds, NCD etc.

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Financial Planning/Portfolio Management

Financial Planning/ Portfolio Management.

While managing your Portfolio, we take into account your specific financial objectives, expectations, risk threshold, besides other considerations.

This part of services is personally given by Ms. Prerna Arora, as this is a personal one to one consultancy.

Financial planning is the way to manage your budget, savings and earnings to generate good corpus to mean your financial goals and to get financial freedom.

Complete analysis of your portfolio, Goals, present status will be done and personalized sessions will be done to analyse and show the path to reach the goal.

Wealth management is the next stage to this, so the client gets a one stop advise for all financial needs of life at all life phases.

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Corporate/Group Insurances

Benefits of regular coverage at highly affordable premium rates, as the risk spreads across multiple individuals.

The Associations availing Corporate insurances/Group insurances can be in the combination of employer-employee, or non-employer-employee groups such as same credit card holders, bank account holders or members of a social or cultural organization.

Only one master insurance policy is given to the group manager, which is in the group's name. It can be for:

  • Life insurance

  • Medical Insurance

  • General Insurance

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